ChainUp Highlights Investment Shifts and Blockchain Integration at DBAC Business Conference
05 Mar 202414:44

Singapore, March 2nd — Singapore, March 2nd — ChainUp successfully participated in the Annual DBAC Business Conference, a collaborative event hosted by the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and the DBAC community. Celebrating its first anniversary, the conference focused on "Exploring the Nexus of Geopolitics, Economics and Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Future," engaging luminaries in substantial discussions on global economic trends and sustainable practices. 

Amanda He, CFA, FRM, and Head of Asset Management, spotlighted the January approval of BTC ETFs by the U.S. SEC and its positive ripple in the market, advocating for informed crypto investment strategies.

The event, celebrating its first year, brought together thought leaders who delved into the impact of geopolitics and economics on sustainable entrepreneurship. ChainUp extends its gratitude to the panelists and the DBAC committee for a successful conference, paving the way for future blockchain innovations.

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