Key KYT Features
Identify Address Risk
Leveraging artificial intelligence, we combine encrypted on-chain data with off-chain information through cloud computing to allow clients to better understand your investments and transactions.
Analyze & Calculate Transaction Risks
Through real-time transaction data on the chain and artificial intelligence real-time modelling, we analyze transaction risks, track capital flow, and provide transaction risk monitoring.
Fund Tracking
Multi-dimensional transaction analysis and event investigation based on the combination of knowledge mapping algorithm and semantic analysis of addresses, tags, and transaction behaviours, with off-chain information.
Identify High-Risk Transactions
Reflect credit and transaction risks of addresses through our proprietary Transaction Credit Rate system to allow better understanding of transaction behaviours and reduce risks.
Our Solutions
Cryptocurrency Risk & Fraud Controls for Financial Institutions
Support banks, payment providers, and regulatory authorities to discover cryptocurrency transactions used for risk and fraud models.
Financial Investigations & Blockchain Forensics
Massive underlying data repository allows connections to be identified between encrypted addresses with real-world organizations, sanctioned entities, and IP addresses.
Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring
Integration of ChainEyes API into internal system to perform real-time KYT monitoring of transaction data.
Localized Compliance for Crypto Asset Service Providers
Help financial institutions and crypto exchanges comply with regulations around the world with massive database.
Competitive Advantage
Our Solutions
Data analysis and modelling based on robotic process automation with comprehensive main chain data coverage and real-time analysis.
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Self-Developed Algorithms
Exclusive algorithms combining fundamental security components, localized financial regulations, and risk threat modelling.
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Technical Expertise
Data analysis based on block parsing with high accuracy and timeliness; scalable API that supports 1,000 requests per second.
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