Trustformer KYT System Reveals Risk Activities Associated with Hamas Financial Service Provider Buy Cash
Nov 29 2023
On October 18th, the U.S. Department of the Treasury sanctioned ten key members, agents, and financial service providers of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, Sudan, Turkey, Algeria, and Qatar. This included the sanctioning of a virtual currency financial service provider in the Gaza area, Buy Cash Money and Money Transfer Company (referred to as Buy Cash). One of the wallet addresses published for Buy Cash was 19D1iGzDr7FyAdiy3ZZdxMd6ttHj1kj6WW.
Dubai is poised to become a Cryptocurrency Hub: Innovation, Regulation, and Future Prospects
Nov 28 2023
Dubai, renowned for its blockchain-friendly environment and culture of innovation, is rapidly emerging as a global center for blockchain and digital assets.
Weekly Market Insight: November week 5
Nov 28 2023
Binance CEO, CZ pleaded guilty to US anti-money laundering laws as part of a $4.3 billion settlement with DOJ, CFTC, OFAC and FinCEN. He later stepped down and appointed Richard Teng as Binance new CEO. Sentencing hearing has been scheduled on 23rd February 2024. Binance experienced $1.77 billion net withdrawal or approximately 2.6% of its PoR assets. BNB token price dropped 5.97% week-over-week, the price fall was minuscule comparing to FTX’s collapse, FTT tokens dropped 93% during the week.
Web3 Social Network
Nov 24 2023
In the attention economy, good social media platform can capture billion of users everyday and generate billions of dollars. Decentralised social (DeSoc) can be the key for blockchain to onboard billions of users from non-crypto-native users and provide the “real-value” application to the general public.
Integrating Traditional Finance with Tokenomics: STO Paves the Way for Tokenization of RWA Assets
Nov 21 2023
With the rise of blockchain technology, the traditional financial market is converging with the crypto sector, paving the digital path for Real World Assets (RWA).
Weekly Market Insight: November week 4
Nov 21 2023
BlackRock submitted an S-1 application for ETH Spot ETF to the SEC. Fidelity later joins and submitted its own ETH Spot ETF application. US SEC has delayed Global X BTC ETF and Franklin Templeton BTC ETF. However, further conversation between SEC and applicants is observed as WisdomTree has submitted a revised BTC Spot ETF prospectus (S-1 filing) to the SEC.
Deciphering the MAS AML/CFT Regulations for Digital Payment Token Services: An In-depth Look
Nov 15 2023
Probing into the AML/CFT Regulatory Framework by MAS
Weekly Market Insight: November week 3
Nov 14 2023
BTC and ETH prices increased 5.86% and 8.09% last week as Blackrock’s iShares Ethereum ETF has been registered in Delaware and filed with Nasdaq exchange. Besides, SEC was reported could theoretically approve all 12 BTC Spot ETFs by 17th November according to Bloomberg Intelligence ETF analyst James Seyffart. He later added approval will most likely come in January 2024 with a 90% chance.
Weekly Market Insight: November week 2
Nov 07 2023
BTC price weekly increased 1.41% while BTC dominance dropped 116bps, indicates shifting of fund flow and increasing risk tolerance by investors on altcoins as the result optimistic developments announced in several conferences last week and speculation of peaked US treasury yield after Jerome Powell’s speech in FOMC press conference with promising job reports released on Friday.