Empower your exchange with liquidity that rivals the top crypto exchanges
According to CoinMarketCap
Your Gateway to Enhanced Liquidity
Wield the power of Remarketer, a unique software that enables customization of order book depth, independent pricing of orders, and support on both market sides, thereby amplifying your exchange’s liquidity and order book depth
Liquidity Aggregation
A Well of Depths and Prices
Harness the might of liquidity aggregation, which consolidates liquidity from various global exchanges, promising enhanced depth, diminished bid-ask spreads, and superior bid-ask prices.
One-stop Liquidity service provider
Spot Liquidity Solutions
Future Liquidity Solutions
Leveraged Token
ChainUp has provided stable liquidity solutions to more than 300 exchanges globally
We Prioritize Enhanced Liquidity
ChainUp provides new and growing exchanges with an effective path to establish initial liquidity, and has already provided stable liquidity solutions to over 300 exchanges worldwide.
We Bridge Exchanges to Global Markets
ChainUp not only provides solutions but also connects exchanges with a robust ecosystem of global markets, ensuring a consistent and integrated approach to global liquidity trends.
We are Committed to Leadership
Aiming to be a notable liquidity solutions provider, ChainUp positions exchanges to meet global standards, representing international-scale liquidity provision and ensuring competitive standing in the digital assets domain.
Ready to Explore a World of Robust, Efficient, and Future-Ready Liquidity Management?
Experience ChainUp Liquidity Management now
  • Customizable spreads, markups, and liquidity solutions
  • Enhanced liquidity and depth with Remarketer
  • Multi-currency exchange support
  • Geographical flexibility with global server availability
  • Access to deep liquidity pools of major exchanges
  • Minimized downtime with close system monitoring
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