ChainUp Custody Enhances Services with BRC-20 Ecosystem Support
22 Dec 202316:30


ChainUp Custody has now enabled support for the deposit and withdrawal of BRC-20 ecosystem tokens. This move is aimed at assisting exchange clients in aggregating more BRC-20 ecosystem projects, capturing a greater user base, and enhancing the value of traffic.
As an award-winning service provider specializing in enterprise-level digital asset custody, ChainUp Custody offers diverse solutions including MC self-custody, unified asset management, and compliance-focused custody services. With an SOC 2 security system control verification report under its belt, ChainUp Custody applies its six years of technical expertise to efficiently tackle complex asset custody challenges. The company prioritizes compliance, security, reliability, and stability in its custody services. To date, ChainUp Custody has catered to over 300 enterprise-level institutional clients and supports an extensive array of digital assets, covering more than 200 main chains and 1000+ tokens.
ChainUp's MPC wallet, which has already been fully supporting the Filecoin ecosystem, provides sophisticated functionalities like node management and multi-signature wallet management. These features are crafted to enable miners to better handle and optimize their Filecoin assets.
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