Key Features
Blind Boxes
Users can open blind boxes with a chance to obtain rare NFTs
Auction & Sale
Users can bid or sell NFTs at fixed prices or through auctions
When the system detects a third-party decentralized wallet, it can automatically identify the chain and seamlessly connect
Royalties Function
Allows NFT producers to receive automated royalties fee share from buyer when NFT is being purchased
Competitive Advantage
Fast Deployment
Complete platform deployment within 24 hours, with one-click contracts deployment support which allows convenient addition of new NFT collections.
NFT data will be stored on IPFS, and decentralized storage ensures data stability and reliability.
Ownership Proof
NFT can be traced on the underlying blockchain, providing buyers with proof of ownership to ensure authenticity and uniqueness.
Diversified Trading
Support bidding and selling or auction and other methods for NFT transactions, as well as blind box trading, multi-currency (such as: platform currency, mainchain currencies etc.) transactions.
Backend Management System
Clients are able to manage the platform systematically through the backend system and quickly grasp the relevant data from platform operations and maintenance.
Multi-chain Support
Our system supports a variety of chains and clients may choose one of the chains to be deployed by the team. Clients can also set the platform native currency or other currencies to be used for transactions, and switch freely among currencies.
System Security
Encrypted Protection
Account information is highly encrypted and can only be accessed with the authorization of the data owner, thus ensuring data security and personal privacy
On-Chain Transactions
Transactions are visible to all nodes on the blockchain network. It involves authentication and confirmation of transactions by a certain number of participants.
Multiple Authentication
Multiple authentication to prevent malicious attacks and ensure platform security
Signature Authentication
Smart contracts utilize the signature authentication technology to ensure security of user assets
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