Asset Custody Solutions
With 5 years' experience serving hundreds of businesses, ChainUp Custody provides comprehensive asset custody solutions with its underlying architecture and wallet that supports over 200 main chain tokens developed. Clients also enjoy the benefits of zero B2B processing fee and real-time transfer.
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Achieve secure cloud hosting of digital assets quickly and efficiently through open APIs and software development kits (SDKs)
Main chain asset custody
Comprehensive API, one-stop docking, supports over 200 main chains, includes one-stop maintainence and upgrading services
Main chain customized development
3-5 days of quick customized development for popular tokens, one-click access
Cloud node service
Seamless integration of over 200 main chain nodes, cost 50% of self-built nodes
Co-managed wallet
Allows multiple departments and roles to jointly manage wallet assets to improve enterprise operational efficiency and asset security
Cross-exchange transfer
Through API access, one-stop solution for transfer requirements of asset custody, cross-exchange transfer, capital allocation, copy trading within seconds.
Portfolio management system (PMS)
Allows clients to manage digital assets in scenarios such as exchange, mining, mining pool, defi, and lending, to comprehensively assess the size, profit and loss, and account details of all digital assets
Conduct risk control for every fund transfer to meet clients' requirements for compliance and fund security
MPC Wallet
Ensure your assets are protected by the highest level of encryption technology to materialize distributed management of private keys and to eliminate single point issue
Key Features
ChainUp Custody provides comprehensive solutions through the most secure and flexible wallet technolgy to better safeguard client's assets and ensure convenient and efficient operations.
Uniform asset custody
Compliant asset custody
Self-managed MPC asset wallet
Portfolio management system
Provides custody services for over 200 main chains and corresponding tokens
Provides a full set of interfaces for one-time docking
Robust risk control, audit, early warning systems
Fully responsible for nodes, upgrades, and routine maintenance
Core technology adopts secure multi-party computation (MPC) to eliminate single point issue of private key
Ultra-low transaction fees for highly efficent transactions
Reliable compliance service provider that provides risk control services based on needs
Provides integrated KYC/AML solutions for quick access without need for development
Builds a comprehensive risk control and compliance system to prevent asset misuse and misappropriation
Meet global compliance standards and ability to respond quickly to market demands
Currently the most secure custody wallet solution with users holding their own private keys, achieving 100% self-management of assets
A secure on-chain asset management system providing clients with multi-level security safeguards
Guaranteed thorough and credible transaction records for true accountability
Fast development and deployment especially for new users, provide quick and easy creation and use of MPC wallet
Quick deployment and integration especially for new clients to create and utilize MPC wallet easily
Automatic tracking of project status, funds and investment information to provide core data analysis and reports
Historical and real-time data to support formulation of successful investment decisions
One-stop management of project operations to acheive efficient and convenient accounting
Customizable user interaction and data processing to tailor to diverse business needs
Technical Architecture
Core Technology
Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC)
MPC Flow
Double Encryption
Full Audit Process Platform
Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC)
Secure multi-party computing is a branch of cryptography that allows multiple data owners to collaborate without trusting each other, outputting technical results and ensuring that no one can get any information other than the results.
  • Eliminate single point issue of private key
    By leveraging MPC, participating terminals can generate private keys that do not need to be disclosed during the signing process.
  • Supports all asset types
    Currently, the private key algorithm of all public chains is ECDSA/EDDSA and the multi-signature scheme of each public chain is different which leads to difficult operations. The MPC algorithm is standard and more universal in application.
  • Lower transaction fee
    The numberous on-chain interactions of the signatures in multi-signature scheme and the number of participants result in high cost.
  • Flexible number of multi-signatures
    Compared to the inconvenience of blockchain multi-signature
  • Supports distributed storage of private keys
    The implementation of MPC technology ensures that the private keys will be co-managed by the user and ChainUp Custody. The technology allows users to have complete control rights over assets that will not be restricted by time or location. This helps to faciliate the backup and recovery of assets and eliminate the issue of single point error of private keys management, at the same time increasing the security of self-managed assets.
MPC Flow
  • SOC1/SOC2
  • Private key kept by the system adopts the HSM storage solution
  • Insured under insurance agency OneDegree
Double Encryption
  • Double API public key communication: The API data transmission uses RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm, each party generates a public/private key pair, the private key is kept by each party while the public key is used for exchanged. User will use the private key for signature when requested by API and the other party will decrypt using the public key. This ensures the privacy of messages and effectively eliminates the risk of information being tempered with or intercepted during the process.
  • Double validation: During the core process, a double validation mechanism is applied in addition to the RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm, to ensure the authenticity and validity of information during API interaction.
Full Audit Process Platform
Identifying and preventing the misuse of digital assets and transactions for illegal activities is the foundation for the development of digital assets business. ChainUp Custody is able to provide the most secure AML service available to automatically detect suspicious transactions.
  • Full range of KYT, KYC services and AML screening
  • Risk monitoring mechanism: Assists clients to detect and reject high risk transactions
  • Select your compliance partner based on risk level to customize transaction policies
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