As the digital asset tide rises, investment platforms face a pivotal choice: embrace the wave or get swept away.

Integrating digital assets unlocks a treasure trove of possibilities: attracting tech-savvy investors, diversifying portfolios with cutting-edge assets, and generating new revenue streams through trading fees and custody services. Blockchain's inherent security and transparency foster trust, enhance compliance, and streamline operations. This isn't just a new asset class, it's a paradigm shift, transforming platforms into one-stop shops for the digital age's investors. 

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Key benefits for OTC/Investment Brokerage Platforms adopting digital asset solutions

Attracting New Clients and Diversifying Offerings

Capture the growing crypto market

Attract tech-savvy investors seeking exposure to digital assets and stay ahead of the curve.

Expand portfolio diversification

Offer a wider range of asset classes, catering to clients seeking alternative investment options.

Enhance brand image

Demonstrate innovation and leadership in the evolving financial landscape.

Boosting Revenue and Profitability

Generate new revenue streams

Earn income from trading fees, custody services, staking rewards, and other crypto-related offerings.

Increase client engagement and transaction volume

Encourage increased trading activity and asset allocation within the platform.

Optimize operational efficiency

Reduce costs through blockchain-based automation and streamlined processes.

Building Trust and Enhancing Security

Leverage blockchain's security and transparency

Build trust with clients by offering secure storage and transparent transaction records.

Improve compliance and risk management

Facilitate automated KYC/KYT/AML checks and enhance regulatory compliance.

Mitigate operational risks

Reduce reliance on intermediaries and increase resilience against fraud and cyberattacks.

Positioning for the Future of Finance

Prepare for a blockchain-powered future

Gain a competitive edge by adapting to the evolving technological landscape.

Drive innovation and develop new financial products

Leverage the potential of DeFi and other emerging crypto applications.

Become a leader in the digital asset ecosystem

Partner with blockchain startups and contribute to shaping the future of finance.

Practical uses for OTC/Investment Brokerage Platforms

Digital Asset Exchanges

Expand investment options through trading a wider range of digital assets, beyond just cryptocurrencies, offer stablecoins, security tokens, DeFi products, and more.

Digital asset custody solutions

Securely store and manage clients' digital assets, including digital assets, tokens, and NFTs, with robust security measures and regulatory compliance.

Compliance and Risk Management

Utilize blockchain-based KYC/KYT/AML solutions to streamline customer onboarding, identity verification, and transaction monitoring, mitigating financial crime risks.

ChainUp's Solutions for OTC/Investment Brokerage Platforms

Digital Asset Exchange Platform Development

Launch best-in-class, customized and secure digital asset exchanges, unlocking new revenue streams.

Know-Your-Transaction (KYT) Risk Control Technology

Streamline onboarding, boost compliance, and safeguard client assets with ChainUp's AI-powered KYT risk control tech for efficient and frictionless banking in the digital age.


Guarantee the safety of your clients' digital assets with robust security measures and cold storage solutions with ChainUp's seamless, scalable, and compliant Wallet-as-a-Service.


One-stop market-making liquidity solution for fiat, spot, and derivative markets.