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        ChainUp End-to-End Security Token Offerings (STO) Engine
        Step 1
        Tokenizable Illiquid Assets
        Real World Assets
        Step 2
        Investor Wallet Set-up
        Step 3
        Token Set-up
        Step 4
        Token Issuance
        Step 5
        Primary Market Offering
        Step 6
        Digital Asset Management
        Step 7
        Secondary Market Trading
        Why is ChainUp STO Engine
        the Preferred Asset Tokenization Platform?
        All compliance challenges will be taken care of

        All security and privacy challenges will be taken care of
        To maintain the security and privacy all trading transactions, ChainUp STO engine employs a multi-technology approach such as cryptography, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering technologies, layered with multi-signature, offline storage and smart contract audit features,
        to ensure maximum protection for the assets and rights of investors.
        All user experiences will be taken care of

        All customizations will be taken care of

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