Distributed Storage Solutions
In this Web3 era, ChainUp, through its subsidiary Origin Storage, provides a distributed storage infrastructure platform leveraging its leading industry experience to offer clients secure, easy-to-use, and efficient solutions to power the blockchain ecosystem.
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Key Features
With a focus on IPFS, we provide clients with solutions that leverage Origin Storage's strong mining infrastructure.
Distributed storage nodes
One-stop service for the construction, operation, and maintenance of FIL and AR nodes
Full node establishment
Complete blockchain operation and maintenance services, sharing/proprietary full node, building and publishing open APIs
Node pledge mining service
Operation and maintenance of stable POS revenue verifier node, pledge tokens such as ETH, EOS, FIL to earn revenue
Remote zero-knowledge proof computing
Secure and fast process for remote authentication of virtual machines
Filecoin Mining Solutions
One-stop Mining
With industry leading mining power capabilities and scalable solutions, our computing power acceleration server is responsible for IPFS data encapsulation in the replication certification stages of mining. We also provide the storage of sealed computing power in later stages. These two are used for Filecoin mining and cooperate synergistically. Clients have flexible access to computing machines and storage machines based on their business needs and can be scaled quickly.
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Joint Mining
We provide joint mining services to supplement clients' needs. For example, we can provide mining servers, technology development, operational fulfillment, hardware maintenance, IDC room hosting, or other components that clients may need in Filecoin mining. Clients can provide digital tokens to stake, and use our services to supplement the operations needed. In short, clients with digital assets on hand can easily participate in mining without purchasing or operating any machines, and revenue is shared.
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Cloud Mining
We offer 180 / 360 Day Filecoin full storage mining packages. With our mining packages, clients do not need to invest in any equipment, nor do they need to provide pledge tokens or gas fees. Clients may choose the time to purchase the package, and the mining returns will be received within 2 to 3 days after purchase.
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Key Statistics
Security incidents
No. of IDC rooms
No. of maintenance servers
600+ PB
Computing power
Technical Strengths
IDC Room
Computing Power Server
Storage Server
National-level strategic Internet technology center
2T Internet entrance, T3+ machine room, closed cold channels with temperature control functions
Dual main access + diesel generator + UPS power supply
Dual network supply with bandwidth that meets Filecoin network transmission requirements
AMD7002 series high-end processors
NVIDIA RTX30 series flagship graphics card
High-performance NVME cache disk
Optimize processes with exclusive algorithms to achieve more than two times the efficiency of the official code
Our storage machine utilizes a 16T enterprise helium hard disk. In addition to its large capacity, it also provides high speed and service life, as well as the most optimal T cost performance. It also ensures data security and integrity by using distributed storage technology.
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