ChainUp Featured on Forbes: Why Singapore Property Billionaire Kwee Liong Tek Is Betting On Tech
28 Sep 202312:00

“It’s the future, that’s what I believe in. AI, fintech, they’re going to change the world. And it’s going to change the way people run their business,” says Pontiac Land Group Chairman, Kwee Liong Tek. Chairman Kwee, amongst the top 10 richest in Singapore, as well as one of ChainUp’s key investor, has affirmed his confidence in recent technological developments and how it will bring changes about our current way of working.

As the traditional finance industry makes a move into digital assets, as well as rapid developments in AI, Web3.0, revolutionizing changes are transforming the way businesses work. As a blockchain SaaS company, we are excited to be part of the community bringing about these next-gen tech changes with our client-focused blockchain solutions.

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