Distributed storage provider Origin Storage launches new mining solutions for Aleo testnet 3

[8 December 2022] Following the launch of data privacy platform Aleo's incentivized Testnet 3, ChainUp Group, a global blockchain technology solutions provider, announced today the launch of new mining solutions by its distributed storage subsidiary Origin Storage to support Aleo.

The Aleo mining solutions by Origin Storage are easy-to-implement and highly secure. Mining rewards will be credited directly to the user’s address, with the private key controlled by the user, therefore ensuring the highest security standards and providing users with complete assurance.

The launch of the incentivized Aleo Testnet 3 is exciting for the industry and we are pleased to support miners in leveraging this massive opportunity through our specially designed mining solutions. More details on solutions usage and configuration will be announced shortly as we aim to support miners to use multi-core CPU and Nvidia GPU to mine on Aleo with ease.