ChainUp joins AML project led by NTU & CSA as the key technology partner

Global blockchain technology solutions provider ChainUp Group announced at the TAICeN project kickoff meeting that it is officially part of the project led by Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) and Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA).

ChainUp Group, the only commercial collaborator, will contribute its product (ChainEyes) which provides know-your-transaction (KYT) technology and solutions for digital asset trading risk control and compliance. The ChainUp R&D team will be working alongside other project members in CSA and NTU to drive the development of the anti-money laundering solution.

At the TAICeN project kickoff meeting, ChainUp Group also shared more about the ChainEyes KYT solution, which includes key features such as transaction risk analysis and funds tracking. ChainEyes leverages its blockchain domain expertise, big data analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze wallet addresses, assess risks and curate investigative support capabilities .

Ms. Tan Bin Ru, Deputy CEO cum COO of ChainUp Group commented, “We are honored to be a part of the TAICeN project led by NTU and CSA to contribute and showcase our ChainEyes KYT solution. Through this collaboration, we hope to contribute ChainUp’s technological expertise in Blockchain to support research breakthroughs and do our part in supporting the growth of the Web3 ecosystem in Singapore.”