Advantages of Joint Custody for Crypto
06 May 2024

The fast-paced world of blockchain presents exciting opportunities for businesses, but also unique security challenges. As you embark on building your own blockchain platform, safeguarding the digital assets that will fuel your ecosystem is vital. Traditional custody solutions are simply not enough in the decentralized world of blockchain. This is where joint custody emerges as a powerful and secure option for businesses like yours.

Understanding Joint Custody for Crypto

Cryptocurrencies, unlike traditional assets held by banks, reside in digital wallets secured by private keys. These keys, if compromised, grant complete access to the associated assets. This inherent vulnerability necessitates a robust security strategy. Traditional custodial services, where a single entity holds the private keys, introduce a critical single point of failure. A security breach or internal misconduct within the custodian can lead to devastating consequences. The decentralized nature of blockchain demands a security solution that mirrors its core principles – distributed, transparent, and resilient.

The State of Crypto Custody

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks. Unlike traditional assets held by banks, crypto holdings reside in digital wallets secured by private keys. These keys, if compromised, grant complete access to the associated crypto assets.

Crypto Heist Frequency Up, Value Down in 2023

The number of crypto heists surged 42% in 2023 compared to 2022, with 283 incidents reported (up from 199). However, the total value stolen in 2023 dropped significantly (51%) to $1.75 billion, down from $3.55 billion in 2022.

Early Spike in Crypto Thefts in 2024

There's a worrying trend in 2024. As of January 15th, $16.93 million in crypto has already been stolen, which is double the amount stolen in all of January 2023 ($8.37 million).

Rug Pulls and Scams Decline in 2023

There was a positive development in 2023 with a 25% decrease in rug pulls and scams compared to 2022 (273 incidents vs. 365). The value of cryptocurrency lost in these scams also dropped by half, falling from $1.2 billion in 2022 to $656 million in 2023.


Beyond the Breach: Additional Risks in Crypto Custody

The security landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies extends beyond the threat of hacking. Malicious entities within custodial services pose a significant risk. Regulatory uncertainty can lead to unexpected restrictions or seizures by custodial institutions. Even human error, such as accidental loss of private keys or technical malfunctions, can result in permanent loss of access to valuable assets. These combined factors necessitate a multi-layered security approach to safeguard digital assets in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency.

A Fortified Defense

Joint custody addresses these concerns by establishing a robust security framework:

  • Enhanced Security: Distributing private keys eliminates the single point of failure, making it significantly harder for hackers to gain unauthorized access.

  • Improved Transparency: The multi-signature approach fosters greater transparency, allowing authorized parties to monitor transactions and maintain control over their assets.

  • Reduced Counterparty Risk: Joint custody mitigates the risk associated with trusting a single custodian, minimizing the impact of potential internal theft or regulatory restrictions.

Empower Your Platform with Industry-Leading Joint Custody Solutions   

Partnering with ChainUp ensures your blockchain platform benefits from the most advanced security practices.  ChainUp leverages cutting-edge cryptography and secure multi-party computation protocols, offering unparalleled protection for your users' digital assets.  

ChainUp understands the unique demands of various platform types and offers customizable solutions to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.  ChainUp's team boasts seasoned professionals from both traditional finance and the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, providing invaluable expertise to navigate the complex landscape of digital asset security.  

Furthermore, ChainUp prioritizes continuous innovation, relentlessly refining their joint custody solutions to stay ahead of emerging security threats.  By partnering with ChainUp, you gain access to industry-leading security practices, ensuring your platform fosters trust and attracts users confident in the safety of their assets.

The Future of Secure Crypto Custody

As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature, the demand for secure and reliable custody solutions will inevitably rise. Joint custody, with its inherent advantages, is poised to become the gold standard for safeguarding digital assets. ChainUp, with its commitment to innovation and unwavering focus on security, is well-positioned to lead the charge in this crucial domain.

A Look at the Numbers: Investor Concerns about Crypto Custody

A study by Deloitte sheds light on investor anxieties regarding crypto custody:

  • 60% of institutional investors surveyed expressed concerns about the security of crypto assets.

  • 40% of respondents identified the lack of robust custody solutions as a major barrier to increased crypto investments.

This data underlines the critical need for secure custody solutions like joint custody to foster wider institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, safeguarding your digital assets is paramount. ChainUp, with its industry-leading technology, customizable solutions, and unwavering commitment to security, stands as the ideal partner for navigating the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

The Catalyst for Crypto Market Growth

By spearheading the development and implementation of secure joint custody solutions, ChainUp acts as a catalyst for the growth and maturity of the cryptocurrency market. As more institutions embrace cryptocurrencies with confidence, the overall market capitalization is poised to experience significant growth.

Investing in the Future with ChainUp

Choosing the right custodian is a critical decision for any investor venturing into the crypto space. ChainUp, with its unwavering commitment to secure joint custody solutions, empowers individuals and institutions to participate in the future of finance with confidence.

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