A Convergence of Minds and Innovation in Hong Kong Crypto Blossoms
16 Apr 2024

Hong Kong's fintech scene buzzed with excitement last week at ChainUp's "Crypto Blossoms" event. Held at the prestigious Zuma Hong Kong, the evening brought together industry leaders for insightful discussions on the future of Web3 Businesses, crypto mining, and asset management.

The event's heart throbbed with a series of keynote addresses:

Kris, head of ChainUp Investment, delved into the firm's success story, showcasing their robust risk management and investment strategies within secondary markets with their Smart Beta strategy.

Hover from Origin Storage introduced the intriguing concept of DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks), a vast network merging blockchain, token economics, and physical infrastructure – expanding the use case of blockchain beyond just mining.

Discussions also went into the lucrative possibilities of graphics card mining, fueled by the ever-increasing demand for GPU computing power. With traditional AI and the explosion of Web3 projects driving this demand, the potential for high returns on investment captured the audience's attention.

Depin Labs, a pioneering research institution backed by ABCDE Capital and OriginStorage, showcased their commitment to advancing DePIN through comprehensive research, investment, and hardware support. This dedication reflects a united effort to harness the transformative power of blockchain technology for a brighter fintech future.

ChainUp, a leader in blockchain solutions, successfully fostered a dialogue that promises to propel Hong Kong towards a vibrant and innovative fintech future. This event solidified their position as a key player in shaping the region's blockchain landscape.


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