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Risk control solution

ChainUP risk management solutions provide professional, multiple-dimensional, non-blind-side and thorough exchange security assurance. There is four-tier risk management of business, finance, wallet and system in the exchange system. Furthermore, situation awareness system can make behavior awareness and risk prediction on frontend and backend users.

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Risk management system (Standard edition)
It includes system security, business security, capital security and relevant functions, as well as conducts real-time protection on the frontend and backend systems and exchange wallets, which can meet the basic needs of exchange security.
Risk management system (Professional edition)
It includes the functions of risk management system (standard edition) and situation awareness system. It can not only carefully protect the system and capital, but also analyze each user’ login practice and transaction behavior for predicting incorrect behaviors, so as to prevent major risks in advance.
Risk management system (General edition)
It connects the situation awareness system with the exchange developed by other suppliers. It won’t intervene in the business and account system, but detect the frontend and backend user behaviors from a more comprehensive view to stop problems before they start, ensuring to provide security assurance for the systems of other suppliers.

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