Operations & Maintenance Solutions
ChainUp offers solutions to protect the hardware, software, and data of the blockchain system from accidental or malicious damages, changes and disclosure to ensure continuous, reliable and stable operations of the system.
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Key Features
We Offer
  • Holistic management system to provide clients with automatic real-time system monitoring and operations & maintenance services
  • Comprehensive data storage, data analysis and data governance solutions to ensure secure operations of asset systems
  • Team with extensive experience in operations & maintenance management for exchanges
Competitive Advantage
Team Expertise
A comprehensive team including system operations & maintenance engineer team, database engineer team, security engineer team, operations & maintenance development engineer team, network engineer team
Monitoring System
Robust monitoring system covering cloud monitoring, security monitoring, system infrastructure monitoring, service feasibility monitoring, data processing capability monitoring, network monitoring, log monitoring etc.
Alarm System
Based on the monitoring system, the system sets appropriate thresholds and integrates multiple alarm channels to detect and handle issues in a timely manner to ensure smooth operations
Security Protection
  • Comprehensive and multi-level network security protection strategy
  • Apply security rules to define access rights
  • Multi-level verification including VPN, public key and OTP/SMS required for login to ensure security; operation logs for comprehensive records to ensure standardization of operations & maintenance
Data Security
  • Real-time, multiple areas hot backup and regular cold backup of data to achieve zero data loss
  • Data governance, global data disaster recovery system, database daily monitoring
  • Real-time synchronization of data in multiple regions to prevent data loss
Operations & Maintenance Management System
Developed based on exchange businesses, consolidates operational modules such as asset management, monitoring management, CI and CD etc.
Asset Management
  • Detailed records of the complete asset lifecycle
  • Comprehensive infrastructure reinforcement
  • Regular upgrading of infrastruture components
  • Periodical security check and policy updates
Extensive Experience
  • Deployed over 300 privatized exchanges and maintain more than 5000 daily active users
  • Proficient in exchange full module and business data flow
  • Access to various global CDN accelerators
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