ChainUp’s subsidiary Bedrock Trust launches decentralized data storage fund

[28 November 2022] ChainUp Group, a global blockchain technology solutions provider, announced the launch of the IPFS Infrastructure Flagship Fund I (the Fund) by its subsidiary Bedrock Trust Pte Ltd (“Bedrock Trust”), a Singapore-based and licensed asset and wealth management firm. Bedrock Trust will be the manager of the Fund, which enables accredited investors to participate in the Interplanetary File System (“IPFS”), a protocol for decentralized storage, and its complementary protocol, Filecoin. The Fund’s investment team identifies optimal Filecoin trading opportunities to enhance return while managing downside risk.

Investors in the Fund will gain access to investment opportunities in Filecoin via Bedrock Trust, a Licensed Fund Management Company (LFMC) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The Fund provides an opportunity for investors to diversify their crypto portfolios, as well as to take advantage of the high growth potential within the Filecoin ecosystem, all while leveraging the leading expertise and considerable capabilities of both ChainUp Group and Bedrock Trust. As a partner of Protocol Labs, ChainUp Group’s distributed storage subsidiary Origin Storage provides solutions that meet a wide range of development needs from the installation of distributed storage equipment to staking, scaling, and deployment of nodes.

Ms. Choo Shu Hui, Founder & CEO of Bedrock Trust said, “For this IPFS Fund, we’re leveraging our team’s industry-leading know-how in navigating market conditions, as well as ChainUp’s expertise in Filecoin mining, to offer exciting opportunities for investors and solid ecosystem support.”

Mr. Sailor Zhong, Founder & CEO of ChainUp Group said, “Filecoin is the infrastructure of Web3 storage and one of the projects with the best development in decentralized storage. We are optimistic about the development of Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) after it is launched.”