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HiCoin Wallet Solutions
HiCoin wallet solutions are revolving around the core products of HD wallet, cloud wallet and EOS wallet, the three smajor solutions of asset custody comprehensive payment wallet are created to help you quickly build your own wallet
Asset trusteeship
Aggregate payment
Full-featured wallet
  • More than 30 security and technical guarantees You don't have to worry any technical and wallet issues
  • Override multi-level transaction attributes Free choice of centralized wallet or decentralized Wallet
  • Multi-level risk control early warning Global monitoring to ensure the security of private key
  • Flexibility is high Independent functional modules, free combination of multi-product
  • Multi-platform liquidity Sharing trading depth with several exchanges
  • 24 hours customer system support We provide you with 7×24 professional operation and maintenance services
Solutions And Functions

Asset trusteeship solutions


  • OTC trading system development
  • Financial management system
  • Digital currency of Yu'E Bao
  • Instant Exchange
  • Two-way trade, free trading, safe and reliable
  • Regular financial management of digital currency to meet user's investment needs
  • Which realizes depositing tokens to raise interest rates, daily settlement of income
  • Free to set up all kinds of trading pairs to achieve fast trading

Comprehensive Payment


  • Game top-up payment
  • Qr code offline
  • Online Store payment
  • Digital currency payment, OPEN API
  • Get through the game ecosystem, and you can use digital assets to offset revenue and consumption in the game
  • You are available to use digital assets to complete payment by scanning QR code
  • Which can support shopping online with digital currency
  • Providing third-party payment interface, setting up reward and punishment mechanism to improve business integrity

Fully Functional Wallet


  • Task, mining, broker, red envelope system
  • Candy incentive policy
  • Lockups system
  • Digital currency payment, OPEN API
  • Support 200+currencies, and rapidly list ETH, EOS,TRX and the other mainstream currencies.
  • High-performance matching engine, millions of TPS per second
  • Provide customized development and operation services
  • Providing third-party payment interface, setting up reward and punishment mechanism to improve business integrity
  • Online Customer Service Provide you with real-time professional services Immediately
  • 7x24 customer service +86 13366216783 7x24 customer service
  • Leave your phone number +00 Confirm
Why Choose Us?
  • Technical Advantage

    HiCoin uses ChainUP's underlying technology with 100 technology genes from BAT enterprises, and more than 200 global customer inspections

  • Industrial Advantage

    The first wallet solution provider in domestic, which has a full-functional wallet system, three complete closed-loop services, five core product advantages, and 10 + industry solutions.

  • Security Advantage

    Three-tier Wallet System, 30+defence mechanism, Cooperation of several security agencies at home and abroad, No risk events occurred in 2 years of safe operation and maintenance

  • Team Advantage

    The company founder is Kris, who has rich technical experience; Co-founder Andy, who has rich entrepreneurial experience in blockchain; Moreover, it has been greatly recommended by Jun Du, Gengfa Zhong and many other ChainUP founding team leaders.

  • Service Advantage

    Providing 7×24 operations support, and maintenance of system security, performance monitoring, real-time response to any online issues. Meanwhile, we also provides high-end customized one-to-one service

Choose Your Suitable Wallet Solution
Perfect Security Risk System
How to Access HiCoin Wallet
Confirm configuration Party A shall provide deployment data Wallet deployment Validation test passed Deliver to party A Operations and maintenance services
Certificate Obtained





We Bring You

Complete product system
Full-featured wallet system, one-click establish, and quickly capture market share
All-weather service support
It can effectively save the development costs, operation and maintenance costs and increase efficiency
Asset security
Rigorous risk management system to solve your security concerns

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