ChainUP WaaS Alliance

Institutional digital asset custody and financial service platform

Professional services for corporate clients such as exchanges, brokerages, funds, mining pools, etc.

500+ customers and manage more than $1 billion of assets under our custody. We also have a variety of financial tools to help you manage and increase assets

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Application scenarios of WaaS in different sectors


Blockchain industry

Asset management platform
Blockchain technical team


Support 200 main chains of the WaaS Alliance with an one-touch operation and hot currencies as soon as they are available

0 handling fee for internal transfers between alliance members, arrival in seconds

Business and capital are managed separately to reduce risks, allowing more focus on business.




Asset management

0 transfer fee and instant confirmation


Block chain

Asset management platform

Provide a multi-wallet authority escrow solution to both solve the trust problem between both parties and effectively improve the capital usage efficiency.

The asset management platform creates multiple wallets based on the business, and assigns authority to escrow members of wallets, which greatly improves the safe and efficient flow of capital.



Pocket wallet

Create wallets

Asset Platform


Provide low-cost and highly leveraged over-the-counter financing,

Cooperate with the alliance member BitWind and provide one-stop services with instant transfers, 0 handling fee and extremely low transaction fees, maximizing your income.

WaaS allocation


0 transfer fee and instant confirmation


0 transfer fee and instant confirmation




Transfers with 0 handling fee and short delays to alliance member exchanges, OTC and wallets available for mining incomes, over-the-counter currency sales, investment and personal finance and other scenarios, which greatly improve the liquidity of capital.

Miners, pensioners, etc

0 transfer fee and instant confirmation



Blockchain technical team

The blockchain technical team establishes a connection with the WaaS Alliance via self-owned services to obtain huge network traffic from the alliance. Meanwhile, WaaS provides diversified services for alliance members and creates a one-stop blockchain service platform for a win-win situation between both parties.

Blockchain Tech Team

Speed docking


Asset Platform


Traditional industries

Provide deposit and withdrawal channels for game players and solve many problems such as high rates, lack of qualifications with traditional payment channels.
Real estate
In spite of difficult financing and strict regulation in the real estate industry, digital currency financing can reduced financing costs and improved financing capabilities of real estate companies
In addition to supporting fiat money transactions, e-commerce platforms can also arrange for digital currencies so as to provide users with a variety of transaction methods and imrpove industry competitiveness.
Supply chain
Due to long payment settlement cycles in the supply chain industry, the obligatory right assignment process is cumbersome with long periods. Tokenization of obligatory rights can effectively solve such problems.
In the current market, the news industry is highly competitive without high users' viscosity. Homogenization of bonus points can enrich the application scenarios and improve the means of operations.
Live streaming
User contribution in live streaming is currently the main income source of the platform, but the tax rate is relatively high. Currently, digital currencies have not yet been taxed can effectively solve the problem of high operating costs
Contact our product experts to customize your“Exclusive Industry Solutions”
WasS has a complete set of perfect exchange system functions and provides solutions with multiple products combined as you need. You can choose a suitable supporting system based on your team size, capital cost, expected goals and other general conditions, or you may also consult ChainUP experts, who will tailor a suitable system configuration for you.
Consulting expert

Product functions

Digital Asset Custody

Provides custody service for 200+ main chains (tokens unlimited). Ensure the security of assets, including maintaining the main chain and node servers

Financial Derivatives

Provide multi-currency flexible cycle of derivative services (such as: financial products, lending, funding operation, etc.), without risk to obtain high returns.

More liquid funds and other financial services to provide higher position funds for exchange hedging

Node Service

Provides node service of 200+ main chains, improving the efficiency of withdrawal and deposit, saving nearly 50% of the costs in server and labor.


Flexible management of approval number of people, quota for withdrawal and other strategies meet the needs of safe withdrawal for multiple scenarios.

For other needs or more information, please contact our product consultants, who will offer dedicated service for you.

Security is never as simple as it looks like.
Flexible configuration of withdrawal limit of coins, approval member and other information
Withdrawal Strategies
Security Authentication
KYC authentication information, Google authenticator and YUBI hardware authentication
Automatic reconciliation system, real-time monitoring of account funds and accurate accounting ensure that each fund is clear
Reconciliation System
Risk Control System
AML, coin charging traceability, remote operation certification, hot and cold wallets….
Both core data storage and interaction are encrypted by multi-layers by the encryption equipment
Encryption Equipment
It supports multi-person fund management and multi-person approval for withdrawal.
Encrypted display of important information and data
Data Desensitization
Audit System
The whole link monitoring of business system behaviors ensures that each step of operation is complete and effective
According to the alarm evaluation system, abnormal behaviors and data should be warned in advance to prevent them from happening.
Early Warning System
Authority System
Decentralized distribution of authority for employees, systems, etc. improves security while satisfying efficiency

Our advantages


Our Team

All-round ecological service support
We provide one-stop digital asset custody, financial derivative-related services and anything you want.
Our technical strengths
We has built a team with 10 years of experience in technology research and development, which achieves more than 200 system iterations and upgrades per year. We provide more than 200 products and services, with the support of more than 30 partners in the industry and more than 11 software copyrights.
Full-process butler service
ChainUP provides “private butler” high-end customized VIP service, 7×24h customer service and round-the-clock operation and maintenance support and technical support.


Our products

WaaS Alliance

0 transfer fee and instant confirmation

Lower cost

Reduce costs by 50%

More currency options

Supporting 200+ main chains

Security level

Bank-level system security



We are everywhere

We are everywhere

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