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Marketing tools & supplies

In order to facilitate platform operators to promote and operate users globally, we have launched a serious of products of marketing tools additive to trading system, which are used in cooperation with exchanges generally. It mainly includes trading, namely mining, broker system, innovation laboratory area, financing products, etc.

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Auxiliary platform operation
It can stimulate users to top up and trade through trading, namely mining, broker, money management and other functions, and stimulate users to drive new users, so as to enhance the operation effect of the platform.
Auxiliary fund management
It can encourage users to deposit funds by trading, namely mining, innovation laboratory area, money management products and other functions, and help users to allocate assets more scientifically.
Auxiliary third-party operation
Products of marketing tools can provide extra discounts and interests to third-party teams such as market makers, project parties and agents connecting to the platform, so as to improve their enthusiasm for win-win with the platform.

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