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Product Portfolios

Spot Trading Software

Features mature and widely used. A powerful memory matching engine guarantees high concurrent transactions; a complete front-end and back-office system provides a supporting centralized

High-Performance Matching Engine
It provides memory matching and uniform matching of platform orders, with over 50,000 tps for each trading pair.
Professional trading
Provide custom and third-party K-line, technical analysis and scribing tool support strategies
Supporting functions
Supporting Financial Software, risk control software, supporting all mainstream currencies
Multiple trading modes

Leveraged Trading Software

Spot leverage trading Software, auction trading mechanism, sharing the depth of the market with spot transactions, providing users with support for short-term and short-term loan fund turnover;

Leveraged Lending
It provides medium and short-term digital currency lending for turnover,and users can allocate excess assets by platform lending up to 5 times the leverage
Professional Transaction
It provides third-party and self-defined K-lines, technical analysis and line tools, supports strategy orders and contingent orders as well as API.
Safety Guaranteed
Each lending is audited by the system, with the risk rate calculated in real time. Users with high leverage and heavy loss will be reminded in time, and forced liquidation occurs if necessary.

OTC Software

This system provides three types of merchant authentication modes, supports online payment of cryptocurrencies and offline payment of fiat currencies, thus facilitating access of funds. The strict KYC authentication guarantees the safe transactions among users and fund withdrawal security.

Listed Trading Mechanism
It provides a merchant margin system and free liquidity support.
System Security Guarantee
It provides security audit of fund deposits and withdrawals, user KYC and merchant margin systems.
Users’ Rights and Interests Protected
It enables encryption for users’ privacy and payment information, and supports bi-directional claim channels.

Contract Transaction Software

It has well-tested functions and supports bi-directional position opening and position by position management. It provides a complete risk prevention system and enables delivery according to index prices, so as to protect the rights and interests of users and the safety of assets to the maximum. Its powerful memory matching engine guarantees high concurrency transactions and supports API orders.

Financial Futures Trading
It enables trading varieties to be designed by users on their own, supports bi-directional position opening contracts, regular and perpetual contracts, and supports the position by position mode and cross mode.
Margin Mechanism
For position openings with margins mortgaged, with the platform sets the upper limit of leverage multiple for each variety, and the users define the multiple when opening the positions.
forced liquidation Mechanism
It calculates the real-time risk rate and performs forced liquidation on positions with high risk rates. The losses of positions to be liquidated in case of margin calls shall be disbursed from the risk reserve account.
Mandatory Reduction Mechanism
When the risk reserve is unable to cover the margin-call losses of the order under forced liquidation, it will mandatorily reduce the positions from the user positions with the highest profit rate in turn until all the margin-call losses are eliminated.

ETF Trading Software

It enables ETF functions through portfolio management (charging on position rebalancing), offering without raising funds, liquidity and other services, which provides customized and SaaS services, with leverage configuration, purchase and redemption, weight distribution, multi-dimensional reports and other functions.

Various System Functions
The system has the functions such as leverage, long or short ETFs, NAV accounting, efficient rebalancing, discount and premium.
Safe and Reliable for Use
At any time, you can purchase and redeem it at the next NAV, providing partial day level effective liquidity.
Flexible Deployment
Both customization and SaaS deployment are available, and exchanges are choosen according to the investment cost, with short access period and high efficiency.
Trading Opportunities
ChainUP creates more arbitrage opportunities for subscription and sale, so as to attract more investors to create shares.

Liquidity Software

This system focuses on solving problems such as poor liquidity and insufficient depth of digital currency transactions, helping exchanges, brokers and institutional investors reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Leading Liquidity Services
ChainUP provides liquidity of over 100 mainstream currency pairs and popular currency pairs, top trading depth and continuous K-line charts.
Diversified Functions
These functions include user-defined parameters, financial-level monitoring, professional risk control management, perfect reports and so on.
Professional Solutions
ChainUP provides solutions for mainstream coin transaction liquidity and platform token liquidity.
Low Transaction Cost
The elevated transaction rate is competitive. The higher the transaction volume is, the lower the handling fee is.



Business model
Flexible Deployment
Shared Transaction Liquidity
Risk Control & High Safety
Multi-Dimensional Service

Clear Business Model

ChainUP adheres to serving B-end customers as its core and focuses on providing blockchain technology services to global customers. It does not open itself and will not open exchanges in the future.

Flexible Deployment

We support privatization and SaaS deployment. You can simply and quickly deploy the entire exchange system. In addition, you can selectively deploy functional modules such as crypto-crypto transactions, leveraged transactions, OTC transactions, contract transactions, ETF.

Shared Transaction Liquidity

We incorporate the liquidity of more than 300 eco exchanges served by ChainUP, provides shared OTC liquidity, and owns smart market-making services; in addition, we also provide independent solutions for derivatives liquidity management.

Risk Control & High Safety

It provides over 30 defense mechanisms such as independent risk control system, behavior monitoring, cash withdrawal audit, fund traceability, withdrawal T + 1, strict signature of each fund flow, three-layer wallet system, DDoS Defense, flow cleaning etc. to fully guarantee fund security.

Multi-Dimensional Customer Service

We provide one-to-one training before sales, special guidance by special personnel during sales, round-the-clock manual online support and service after sales, as well as quick response and various response to problems and feedbacks.


Risk Control System

100% Full Coverage of Risk Control

We provide fully-covered risk management, triple financial reconciliation, real-time monitoring of wallet fund security, as well as generate alarms and actively intervene in severe cases. We also provide over 30 defense mechanisms, such as smart monitoring and alarm of abnormal asset flows, withdrawal blocking, DDoS Defense, and flow cleaning.

Smart Contract / Code Audit

We engage third-party institutions to issue professional audit reports, automatically scan codes for security by formal verification technology. We also provide dozens of security detection projects to check security risks, avoid hacker attacks, and guarantee the security of smart contracts.

Behavioral Situation Awareness

We conduct big data analysis on user behaviors, and perform multi-dimensional monitoring from the aspects of users, administrators, assets and servers, so as to achieve special user marking, timely detection of risks, active defense against high-risk behaviors, analysis and active interception of system attacks.

Prevention and Control of Occupational Misconducts

It enables isolation of high-level operation authorities, and multiple confirmation of high-risk operations. It also enables audit of abnormal logins, unauthorized operation attempts, high-frequency server accesses, abnormal pre-order behaviors and other behaviors for examination by the administrators.

Development Exchange

Product Advantages
It enables privatization deployment, free combination of spot, fiat currency, leverage, contract trading system, delivery of front and background system and codes, as well as independent secondary development.
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Professional trading team

Product Advantages
It provides privatization or cloud deployment, selection of leverage and contract product portfolio, access to reliable self-owned quantitative tools, O&M trusteeship, as well as development of customized functions.
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Lack of traffic for start-up teams

Product Advantages
It’s recommended to adopt cloud deployment and connect marketing products and market-making robots in the trading system, so as to rapidly increase the users and capital of the system.
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Multi-business cross-industry platform

Product Advantages
It’s recommended to adopt the portfolio of trading system with wallet products, which is assisted by marketing tools and accessed to third-party services or DAPP ecology through an open platform.
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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi has more than 2 million users around the globe, now with more than 130,000 daily active users in average. Biki has successively obtained the investment of nearly ten million US dollars from Mr. Jun Du (as an individual investor) and several BlockChain investment institutions such as FBG, GENESIS, ChainUP Capital, with Mr. Du Jun—the founder of Node Capital—served as the joint CEO.


Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Malaysia, BiBull is a global management platform for digital asset trading and investment. At present, this platform serves users in more than 100 countries and regions, with nearly 500,000 registered users and over 500 communities. The peak number of daily active users on the platform is up to 20,000, with 5,000-10,000 daily trading users in average and 12 million USDT daily trading volume.


The Amanpuri Exchange is the only characteristic exchange that think from the perspective of users. It is also the ultimate exchange that allows everyone to trade in different forms, including 100-time leverage, perpetual contract transactions, crypto-crypto transactions, MAM account system transactions, dividend and so on.


Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, Momoex is mainly a digital asset trading and management platform. After one year’s effective operation, it has more than 400,000 registered users around the globe and an average daily trading volume of 10 million USDT. It maintains in-depth cooperation with 100 communities in the market, and obtained investment from ChainUP Capital in early 2019.


Goko Exchange is a community-governed crypto asset trading platform, which is fair, just, safe and reliable, and is currently the most friendly community exchange. Goko’s core team comes from well-known Internet companies and front-line investment institutions. All team members are early investors in the field of digital currency and BlockChain researchers, with rich experience of research, development and operation in the field of digital currency.


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