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ChainUP trading chainuptem solution is the most core business of ChainUP's eight mature business lines. It provides fast building of trading chainuptem and product portfolio recommendation service. You can customize exchanges with different functional modules according to different team types and actual conditions.

  • Spot Trading chainuptem

  • Futures Trading chainuptem

  • OTC chainuptem

  • Leverage trading chainuptem

  • Fiat Trading chainuptem

  • Liquidity chainuptem
  • Spot Trading chainuptem
  • Futures Trading chainuptem
  • OTC chainuptem
  • Leverage trading chainuptem
  • Fiat Trading chainuptem
  • Liquidity chainuptem
  • Strong technical team You don't have to worry any technical issues of exchange
  • user training of free chainuptem Don't worry about you don't know how to use the chainuptem
  • specially-assigned manager Gathering the requirements, and dispels melancholy for you
  • Automatic list token Freely chose token pairs, security and controllable
  • Multi-platform liquidity Sharing trading depth with several exchanges
  • 7×24 Customer chainuptem support We provide you with 7×24 professional operation and maintenance services
Products And Functions

Spot Trading chainuptem


  • Support various forms of tradings, such as fiat trading, spot trading and so on
  • Support outright purchase with fiat currency, and no minimum amount limit.
  • Support IEO, trade mining and staking, etc.
  • liquidity aggregation
  • Support 200+currencies, and rapidly list ETH, EOS,TRX and the other mainstream currencies.
  • High-performance matching engine, millions of TPS per second
  • Safety assurance chainuptem, real time monitoring
  • Automatic list token and check
  • Provide customized development and operation services

Futures Trading chainuptem


  • Duplexing Open short
  • We have delivery dates and perpetual contracts
  • Margin mode
  • Contract mechanism, setting leverage level before trading, maximum 100 times
  • Diversified product, freedom background configuration
  • Flexible asset allocation, adjustable margin and leverage multiple anytime
  • Mark on delivery price, prevent manipulation of price
  • Self-contained risk-control chainuptem, achieving platform "zero loss."

OTC chainuptem


  • Three merchant authentication modes
  • Support C2C trading, facility the flow of funds
  • Rigorous KYC verification, ensure the safety of trading and withdraw
  • Uses' OTC trading, asset statistics
  • Various mechanisms to ensure that the transaction process is self-closed and minimize the investment of operational resources.
  • Providing depth and liquidity to avoid the trouble of operators
  • Business function supports mobile operation, and make the order processing is faster and more efficient
  • Careful auditing the deposit & withdraw to ensure the safety of assets

Fiat Trading chainuptem


  • Configuration of fiat currency, support to set token pairs for trading
  • Configuration of platform depositing account and user withdrawal payment method
  • Support the functions of mandatory filling in transfer vouchers, temporary suspension, etc.
  • Providing payment gateways, docking related functions of fiat currency settlement with local banks
  • Customized Development of Business Compliance with Customers in Different Operating Areas
  • Support customized access to third-party api, including: KYC, bank, third-party payment, etc., achieve process automation
  • Flexible trading fees, customized configuration of handling fees for different channels of presentation with platform recharge account
  • Supporting the liquidity of fiat token pairs and solving the problem of insufficient liquidity of exchanges

Leverage trading chainuptem


  • leveraged loans, overallocation of assets through platform borrowing, maximum five times leverage
  • Providing third-party and customized K-lines, technical analysis and drawing tools, support API, strategy orders and contingent Order
  • Asset security assurance, guarantee of platform “0” loss
  • Diversity custom configuration, variable lending and leverage level, adjustable deposit & withdraw rate and line of limit.
  • Scientific capital Management Mechanism, forced liquidation when the risk rate is too high and platform won’t take any loss
  • High-performance matching engine, millions of TPS per second. Sharing spot trading liquidity and depth
  • Providing free loan capital to cloud service users without self-financing pool to reduce operational risk

Liquidity chainuptem


  • Spot liquidity
  • OTC liquidity
  • Single margin
  • Ladder trading fee
  • Aggregate global 200+Exchange depth, which can obtain the higher quotation request, lower bid-ask spread and better buying or selling price
  • Support all the mainstream currencies and token pairs, top trading depths, associated K-line
  • Low development cost, only required to develop an API, and it’s have access to multiple exchange
  • Low capital cost, only required reserve deposited in one account
  • Low financial management cost, only required to manage one exchange account to avoid multiple accounts transfer back and forth
  • Contact online customer service Provide you with real-time professional services Immediately
  • service hotline +86 133-6621-6783 7×24 Customer support
  • Leave your phone number +00 Confirm
Why Choose Us?
  • Technical Advantage

    ChainUP is a technology-driven company with a strong technical background, we’ve introduced more than 100 technology genes from BAT enterprises to provide you with the best technology products in the market.

  • Industrial Advantage

    ChainUP concentrates on being a technical service provider without incubating exchanges. Compared with other enterprises that do exchanges and provide technical services at the same time, ChainUP is more focused on technology and does not compete with customers for resources.

  • Security Advantage

    ChainUP has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with security agencies at home and abroad, such as Johnwick security, CertiK, Chainsguard and Beosin, etc. It regularly conducts security penetration tests on the chainuptem to improve prevention by attacking and ensure the security of exchange assets.

  • Team Advantage

    The company founder & CEO is Gengfa Zhong, who has more than ten years of technical experience; Co-founder Jun Du, who is a co-founder of former Huobi; Donghai Hu, founder of Fengwo ore machine, has a deep understanding of trading chainuptems and industry.

  • Service Advantage

    ChainUP provides 7×24 operations support, and maintenance of chainuptem security, performance monitoring, real-time response to any online issues. Meanwhile, we also provides high-end customized one-to-one service

Application Team And Deployment Mode Recommendation
Perfect Security Risk chainuptem

Trust of global clients

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Trust of global clients

How To Access ChainUP Exchenge Software
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We bring you

The decreasing cost and increasing benefit
ChainUP one-stop technical service can effectively save the personnel costs, development costs, operation and maintenance costs and increase efficiency for you.
Strong technical support
ChainUP has 150+technical staffs, who once engaged in professional technology development or operation management, and all of them have rich technical experience and blockchain industry experience.
Comprehensive security assurance
ChainUP has a set of professional risk control solutions to build 7X24 full-automatic blockchain security chainuptem with proactive program intervention.

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