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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software | White Label Crypto Exchange -ChainUP

Crypto exchange solution

Provide the recommendation services of trading system fast setup and business portfolio. It can be privatized, cloud deployment, and managed system operation and maintenance. 7X24 client system supports rapid response, provides free training on the use of systems upon delivery, and supports customized development of requirements. Specially-assigned project managers are appointed to each project for the whole process.

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Exchange with development ability
Private deployment, free combination of cash, legal tender, leverage and contract trading system, foreground-background system + code delivery, secondary independent development.
Professional trading team
Adopt private deployment or cloud deployment. Choose leverage and contract product portfolio. Access trusted proprietary quantitative tools, with managed operation and maintenance as well as the development services of customized functions.
Start-up teams
Cloud deployment is recommended, and marketing products and market-making robots are connected to the trading system, so that the user volume and capital volume of the system can increase rapidly.
Cross-industry platforms
Trading system + wallet product portfolio, assisted by marketing tools, access to third-party services or DAPP ecosystem through open platform.

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