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Game deposit and payment

Solve user payment problem caused by previously frequent changes in risk control strategies of WeChat and Alipay, and improve single-day revenue of operators

User Non-inductive Payment
Users can scan QR code to complete payment in the game, and can choose digital currency payment to improve digital currency circulation.
Improve payment success rate
Module stripping reduces system coupling, increases system robustness, and improves payment success rate
Connect Professional Acceptors
The wallet can separately set up a professional acceptor with professional trading experience to ensure the safety of funds
Solve deposit and withdrawal issues
Perfectly solve deposit and withdrawal issues based on OTC system

Online Mall Payment

The digital currency version of "JD.com" meets the needs to shop online with digital currency, and can connect to existing malls or provide supporting malls

Full set of e-commerce functions
Provide supporting malls, including functions of goods listing and delivery, product display, order management
Customized management dashboard
You can customize the setting of digital currency, fiat currency , merchant mobile phone number, merchant name, settlement currency, unit price of settlement currency and settlement ratio, etc.
Customize payment currency
Support customized payment currency, automatically capture exchange rate to calculate payment amount

Offline QR code payment

Merchants cooperate with offline stores to support user's shopping via digital currency, increase the scenes of applying digital currency, improve liquidity and develop the ecosystems

Real-time payment at spot rate
Support real-time spot rate payment for digital currencies to avoid losses caused by market fluctuations
Settle in any currency
Support users to settle the payment in any currency with offline stores
Merchant can customize QR code
The merchant can customize QR code payment information and generate the code for users to scan and pay

Receive and pay

Save money and time for the users, reduce audit cost for the merchants

Internal transfer
It can enrich business scenarios and improve internal capital liquidity
Reduce hot wallet reserve
The platform can reduce hot wallet reserve and reduce the capital pressure of the platform


Product Advantages

Blockchain is the trend of the future, time waits for no man.
Wallet is the entrance to blockchain
Technology guarantee of the blockchain industry
Experts in digital currency
Diversified services

Blockchain is the trend of the future, time waits for no man.

You need an expert, a consultant, a friend

Wallet is the entrance to blockchain

HiCoin is the entrance of the wallet

Technology guarantee of the blockchain industry

How does blockchain work? It's nothing more than the integration of resources and traffic, we are here to help you solve the most difficult technical issue

Experts in digital currency

Break the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies and help you build new financial business on your own

Diversified services

Consultation Service

HD wallet launched
Cloud wallet launched
OTC system launched
The mall system and offline payment system launched
Comprehensive payment solution launched
Receipt&payment on our website launched
Fiat currency transaction launched


Product List


Global leading blockchain technology provider

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Product List
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Multi-currency support
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credits system
management dashboard
Optional source code
upgrade maintenance
round-the-clock online services.
White paper
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