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OTC platform helps traders to easily trade at strict regulation area - ChainUP


The entrance and exit of digital asset trading get through the user account system with other products, and make it convenient for users to purchase digital assets with legal tender or realize their assets at any time. Strict user security authentication and anti-money laundering strategy can ensure the accounts security of operators and users.

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Convenient and universal trading
Over-the-counter merchants can be connected to conclude real-time transactions with users. Users’ modes of payment are encrypted and stored in the system, no need of repeatedly inputting.
User rights and interests assurance
User privacy and payment information are encrypted. Two-way complaint channels are supported, and the capital of winner will be returned to the account immediately.
Capital security assurance
There is a special margin system for bitcoin traders to conduct the security audit of deposit and withdrawal on each transaction.
Liquidity support
Trading depth is provided, and over-the-counter depth is shared with multiple exchanges, and liquidity support is provided free of charge.

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