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Liquidity Provision System - ChainUP

Liquidity Provision System—BitWind

BitWind is a liquidity service provider that aggregates the flow of global head exchanges and ChainUP Eco-Exchanges. It is mainly provide liquidity services for small and medium-sized digital currency exchanges, institutional investors, brokers and other financial institutions.

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Aggregate Market Depth
Aggregate 200+Exchange depth, which can obtain the higher quotation request, lower bid-ask spread and better buying or selling price
Smart Order Route
Support delivery of hedging orders to various exchanges, system will automatic matching optimal price transaction, the order processed by smart order routing system can get better execution price and faster transaction speed, which can greatly reduce hedging costs and improve order processing efficiency.
Real-time Monitoring System
Real-time Monitoring order execution, hedging positions and abnormal changes in funds, etc.

/Customer Application

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    Solve the problems of insufficient liquidity in small and medium-sized exchanges, the poor depth of position and poor trading experience of customers, etc.

  • Cryptocurrency Broker

    Providing the best offer and depth, the faster hedging transactions experience

  • Institutional Investor

    Reducing transaction costs and increasing profits

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