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Product Portfolios

HD Wallet (single product)

We provide users with a decentralized digital currency storage solution. You can keep private key by yourself, use the mnemonic backup strategy, or use PIN code, mobile verification code, fingerprint and other verification methods..

Keep the Key by Yourself
The private key is controlled by yourself with multiple encryptions and high security, greatly reducing the risk of asset theft.
Support DAPP Ecology
Your customized demand can be met here. In addition to asset storage, it can be used as an entrance to the DAPP market for leisure and entertainment and obtain traffic; it can also be used as a distribution platform to expand the platform's profit models and increase core competitiveness of products.
Supports Multiple Main Blockchain Currencies
We support global TOP100 + blockchain currencies, managed by one wallet, which greatly reduces the threshold and management burden of digital currency
Comprehensive Functions
30+ function modules, 200+ function points, including all functions that any wallet requires in the market

Cloud SaaS Wallet

Multiple registration methods, multiple traffic sources, and different operational functions are available to meet the transaction needs of different kinds of customers. Multiple connection methods such as cloud deployment, API interface and SDK access help project managers quickly build wallet systems

Instant Payment System
We support currency exchange in the wallet, no top-up in the exchange is required, which is convenient and fast. We support one-click exchange, no professional operation is required, making the rules simpler
OTC Transactions
Fiat currency deposits and withdrawals can be quickly used. Our B2C model enable automatic liquidity supply and connection to other liquidity, as well as independent pricing power
Mall Payment
We cooperate with online/offline stores to accept digital currency, add more scenarios of cryptocurrency application, increase liquidity and build merchant ecosystems.
Operational Tools
We provide CMS system, airdrop bonus tokens, token position locking and other operating tools to help merchants increase user activity and viscosity.

Full-function Wallet (Combined Solution)

It can help physical businesses, project managers and other merchants build a closed-end wallet ecosystem through the combination of broker system, mall, games, OTC, Yu'ebao and wealth management

Referral System
The brokerage system is established through user invitations to effectively solve the problem of insufficient traffic in the initial stage of business operation for merchants, and facilitate subsequent refined operations through user behavior
Mining System
We provide online mining machine leasing service to solve the high self-building problem. Users can receive mining income through different ways
Position Locking System
Management dashboard supports publishing position locking tasks and set up unlock rules. When participating in activities during the lock-up period, the users can receive digital currency according to the lock-up rules.
Financial Management System
Demand/term wealth management is available for digital currency. Parameters such as interest rates and lock-up term can be set to maintain or stably increase the asset value in a low-risk manner to meet users' investment needs

Asset Management and Financial Services (Combined Solution)

We provide a complete one-stop asset management solution via three-tier wallet system, multiple defense mechanism, and professional security/risk control system . We also provide financial services such as digital currency pledge and loans.

Supports Multiple Main Blockchain Currencies
We support global TOP100 + blockchain currencies, managed by one wallet, which greatly reduces the threshold and management burden of digital currency
Multiple Business Review
The multiple business review prevents private keys from leaving HSM equipment, and ensure backs up in multiple places without using the network to avoid financial disasters
Digital Currency Lending
We support selectable price from Huobi, OKEX, Binance and other large exchanges and multi-currency pawn. The lending has high credit linesand is speedy.

Open Platform

Open platform helps merchants reach a large number of users, and opens the payment ability to merchants through an interface to improve merchants competitiveness and to ensure the stability and activity of users. It can also reduce development costs and shorten the time.

Connect Merchant Application
Merchants can connect their own applications with massive Dapp scene applications through open platform, so as to provide their users with richer gameplay and services.
Open Interface
We provide open data, marketing and other functional interfaces. Service providers can combine new functions into functional plug-ins that solve specific needs and provide them to third-party partners or merchants for subscription.
Connect Business
In the future, the third-party partners can connect their business through the open platform to achieve cross-system cooperation and resource sharing;
Support Multi-application Platform Expansion
We integrate cryptocurrency into the basic functions of Dapps through smart contracts, and build a DApp distribution platforms based on the ETH and EOS ecosystems which integrates applications such as EOS, industry applications, entertainment games and platform tools;



Diverse Product Portfolios
Full Service Closed Loop
10+ Industry Solution
30+ Security Technology Protection

Diverse Product Portfolios

We support multiple wallet forms, multiple operating models, multiple types of financial products, multiple main chain currencies and multiple connection methods. You can make your combination based on your demands.

Full Service Closed Loop

Multiple tools are supported to build a closed loop of operation. Scalable architecture and real-time monitoring of multiple services are supported to build a closed loop of technology. We build the ecological closed loop containing hundreds of partners such as exchanges, security companies, media, etc.

10+ Industry Solution

We provide asset custody, comprehensive payment, full-function wallet and other solutions, covering financial, automotive, electronic products, fast moving consumer goods, medical health, real estate and other industries

30+ Security Technology Protection

We provide 30+ security technology protection (such as security audit and monitoring) and multi-level risk early warning from perspectives of user, business, system, etc, aiming to ensure asset security.


Risk Control System

100% Full Coverage of Risk Control

We provide fully-covered risk management, triple financial reconciliation, real-time monitoring of wallet fund security, as well as generate alarms and actively intervene in severe cases. We also provide over 30 defense mechanisms, such as smart monitoring and alarm of abnormal asset flows, withdrawal blocking, DDoS Defense, and flow cleaning.

Smart Contract / Code Audit

We engage third-party institutions to issue professional audit reports, automatically scan codes for security by formal verification technology. We also provide dozens of security detection projects to check security risks, avoid hacker attacks, and guarantee the security of smart contracts.

Behavioral Situation Awareness

We conduct big data analysis on user behaviors, and perform multi-dimensional monitoring from the aspects of users, administrators, assets and servers, so as to achieve special user marking, timely detection of risks, active defense against high-risk behaviors, analysis and active interception of system attacks.

Prevention and Control of Occupational Misconducts

It enables isolation of high-level operation authorities, and multiple confirmation of high-risk operations. It also enables audit of abnormal logins, unauthorized operation attempts, high-frequency server accesses, abnormal pre-order behaviors and other behaviors for examination by the administrators.

For Teams Without Technicians

Product Advantages
Rapid deployment, 7*24 hours operation and maintenance service, with 20000h+ security time. Low operating costs, no technicians required.
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For Teams With Technicians

Product Advantages
API/SDK selectable, front-end/back-end system+source code delivery, independent secondary development
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Traditional Enterprise Chain Reform

Product Advantages
We can help enterprises quickly transform from traditional credit model to blockchain digital currency credit model
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For Teams Without Sufficient Time

Product Advantages
As the market opportunities disappear quickly, we can help customers develop their own blockchain wallet app within 3 days
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• Cryptofon platform realized making profits within one month after launching and received strategic investments from Node Capital and ChainUp Capital • Cryptofon has nearly 1 million registered users, with an average daily active user of nearly 100k, and average daily trading users of 10k. The transaction volume has exceeded $500 million, and the depth of high-quality assets is the best in the entire industry. • Ranked top 100 in Feixiaohao's Global Comprehensive Blockchain Enterprise List


Bitbe as a professional digital asset trading platform, adhering to the safe, professional, innovation, and globalization of business philosophy, dedicated to through professional blockchain technology research and development system, strict access card economic model design, and the top of the financial risk control system, for the global customers with safe, professional, convenient digital asset exchange services.


Bitxmi is an exchange based in Singapore but operated for the entire world.  The team has extraordinary operational strength, and constantly expand business boundaries. Especially in Southeast Asia, it has considerable influence.


CIEX is located in Dubai, it grew rapidly as a newly established exchange. The average daily trading volume is now over $100 million. Centurion Invest endeavors to constantly establish a long-standing relationship of trust with its clients by continuously seeking innovation.


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