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Fully-covered Blockchain Wallet

Our wallet covers all functions of the wallets in the market

APP + Management Dashboard + Independent Deployment Server
The three-piece functions support blockchain wallet and enable the wallet to be quickly launched
Private Deployment
Control assets and data by yourself. You can choose an agent for operation and maintenance services to save costs and time.

Payment System

We support online and offline mall payment and internal mutual transfer.

Offline Payment
You can customize QR code payment information and generate the code to enable offline stores to scan and pay via digital assets
Online Payment
The online mall provides users with online ordering service, supports customized payment currencies, and automatically captures exchange rates to calculate payment amount
Internal Transfer
We support internal transfer within the system, which can enrich business scenarios, improve internal capital liquidity and reduce platform's capital pressures
Online Mall
The digital currency version of "JD" meets the needs to shop online with digital currency, and can connect to existing malls or provide supporting malls

Referral System

The brokerage system is established through user invitations to effectively solve the problem of insufficient traffic in the initial stage of business operation for merchants, and facilitate subsequent refined operations through user behavior

Assessment Criteria/Returns Customizable
You can flexibly allocate broker roles and returns by setting assessment criteria (such as personal assets, direct promotion asset and team assets) as well as the return scenario and types
Support Big Data Computing
We supports multi-dimensional concurrent big data statistics in a short time
Various Ways to Generate Returns
You can generate profits through invitations, purchase behaviors, relationships, etc.

Mining System

We provide online mining machine leasing service to solve the high self-building problem. Users can receive mining income through different ways

Online Mining Machine
You can buy mining machine online, mine online, and earn money online
Flexible Parameter Configuration
The management dashboard can set parameters such as the basic information, sales information, operation information and the purchase methods of mining machine, changes in computing power, release cycle and dividend mechanism
Cloud Computing Power System
Build your own mining pool and cloud computing power system, with BTC, ETH and FileCoin supported

DAPP (Decentralized Application) Platform

The top-picked products for hardcore blockchain players

Support ETH, EOS, Tron DAPP
Quickly access thousands of popular DAPPs, play games and trade at the same time
Complete DAPP Ecosystem
We help merchants build complete Dapp ecosystem using the Dapp platform to connect massive applications, blockchain browsers, DAPP ranking, HD wallets, among others.


Product Advantages

Blockchain is the trend of the future, time waits for no man.
Wallet is the entrance to blockchain
Technology guarantee of the blockchain industry
Experts in digital currency
Diversified services

Blockchain is the trend of the future, time waits for no man.

You need an expert, a consultant, a friend

Wallet is the entrance to blockchain

HiCoin is the entrance of the wallet

Technology guarantee of the blockchain industry

How does blockchain work? It's nothing more than the integration of resources and traffic, we are here to help you solve the most difficult technical issue

Experts in digital currency

Break the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies and help you build new financial business on your own

Diversified services

Consultation Service

HD Wallet launched
Cloud Wallet launched
OTC system launched
Task, mall, Payment system launched
HD wallet launches EOS wallet
Broker system launched
Open platform system launched
Support Fiat currency transactions


Product List


Global leading blockchain technology provider

Product Functions
Product List
Value-added services
Multi-currency support
wealth management
credits system
management dashboard
Optional source code
upgrade maintenance
round-the-clock online services.
asset custody
White paper
project design
cycle planning
resource connecting




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