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New Currency Development

We support hundreds of main chain currencies and all Tokens, saving currency loading development time

Low Cost
Free connection for individual users, reducing the development cost of main chain currencies for the exchanges
Multiple Ways of Cooperation
Monthly, quantity or one-off basis selectable
Diverse Choices
Multiple currencies optional, customized automatic account opening and coin withdrawal, automatic risk control

Plug-in Wallet

Make self-own products become blockchain products

Simple Integration
You can open an entrance inside the product to integrate digital currency wallet and transfer functions
Secure and Hassle-free
Independent merchant account with transparent asset details and compensation guaranteed
Multiple Ways of cooperation
You can choose the cooperation mode of buyout, source code or monthly service fee. It's flexible and well-organized.

Plug-in OTC

Turn novice into financial users

Simple Integration
Integrate token deposit and withdrawal functions without changing the current APP
Provide Liquidity
After integration, you will no longer worry about buyer and seller capacity, and you will see massive liquidity flowing in.
Multiple Ways of Cooperation
One-time installation or order-based commission, among others

Digital currency lending

New wallet business, the NO. 1 pick for digital currency lending

Multiple Exchange Prices Available
We support selectable prices of Huobi, OK, Binance and other large exchanges
Multi-currency Pledge
We supports multiple currencies such as BTC, ETH, HT, OKB and BNB.
The lending has high credit line and is speedy.
It supports up to 10 million USDT loan, currency will be issued within 12 hours.


Product Advantages

Flexible Access
Independent Asset Management
Rich Financial Resources
Quick Listing
Rich Fund Management experience

Flexible Access

API, SDK and UI, with deep integration and seamless connnection

Independent Asset Management

Complete asset separation with a complete, safe and convenient management dashboard

Rich Financial Resources

Well connected with financial resources such as wealth management, lending and deposit and withdrawal of fiat currency

Quick Listing

It can help exchanges save development costs and get rapid currency loading

Rich Fund Management experience

Having operated for more than 1 year, the asset management platform has a total of US$1 billion funds under management without any security incident.

HiCoin HD wallet 1.0 launched
HiCoin cloud wallet launched
Asset management solution launched
Cumulative AUM has exceeded US$ 1 billion


Product List


Global leading blockchain technology provider

Product Functions
Product List
Value-added services
API Interface
SDK Package
UI Interface
Front-End Code
Management Dashboard
Connect Back-End
Consultation Service




What can I do with the asset management and financial center solution?


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