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Fiat to crypto software - ChainUP

Fiat-Crypto trading system

The exchange system in which digital currency and legal tender can be traded and paid directly provides a complete set of trading system, including professional K line, depth map, memory matching system, backend management system and international language package, which can directly connect with local banks, only for the countries and regions where digital trading is legal and compliant.

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With memory matching, each trading pair is 50,000+tps, which can support the transaction concurrency of the world’s biggest similar website, and it also encourages access of professional quantitative tools.
System security assurance
Capital risk management is carried out by the system in real time. Data in the business layer and on the blockchain is monitored synchronously. Permeation is prevented and attacks from DDoS or other systems can also be prevented. Timely automatic intervention is made on the high-risk behaviors of users and administrators. Risk management module is deployed and operated independently.
Seamless connection of personalized service
High-class customers are provided with the development and operation and maintenance service of customized functions. Reserved interfaces can ensure easy access to banks and third-party systems.
High-degree internationalization
In addition to multi-language support, it can also switch the page layout and select function according to the using habits of users from different regions to facilitate the use of users around the world.

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