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Product Portfolios

Contract Trading System

The system provides customers with highly secure and reliable system for financial contract trading via advanced technologies such as microservices distributed deployment, proprietary E-Trading System, and self-developed MDB (memory database).

Diversified Product Services
We provide futures, perpetual contracts;support cross-margin mode and isolated- margin mode; spreading position and constumaized configuration of multiple currency pairs; leverage multiples up to 100X; multiple order placing modes are availible; index price is weighted calculated using multiple market source to prevent risks arising from single data source
Smart multiple risk controls
The fair price mode, ADL mode, insurance fund and risk limits are adopted to control risks; Anti DDoS attack system is provided; supports real-time fund monitoring and subsecond response;"cold"/"hot" wallet is isolated.
Highly stable and reliable system performance
We adopt E-Trading system for full process from reportiong to matchmaking. Our industrial-level pure memory database solution can reduce the time of statement update.
Support customization
We can meet the customization needs of exchanges. Please consult us for more customization services.

ETF Trading System Development

We build the demands from ETF application side and achieve ETF functions through portfolio management (charging on position rebalancing), offering without raising funds and liquidity services

Diversified System Functions
Our system functions include leverage, linear and invert ETFs, NAV accounting, efficient Rebalance, discount and premium function.
Safe and Reliable for Use
You can subscribe/redeem at the next NAV at any time, and can be indirectly provided with partial daily-level liquidity.
Privatization, flexible SaaS deployment
Both customization and SaaS deployment are available, and exchanges can choose different services according to the investment cost, with short access period and high efficiency.
Trading Opportunities
We create more subscription and sale opportunities for arbitrage, so as to attract more investors to create shares

Options trading system

An investment system with diversified transaction models and product varieties, low threshold and easy operation, which can improve the using efficiency of funds and reduce credit risk for the users

Comprehensive system functions
Trade in settlement currency, sell covered option (if sufficient), risk-free liquidity, manual execution, etc.;
Option type selectable
Customers can choose American or European options according to the characteristics of the platform;
Risk-exposure margin
We support special margin for option portfolios

Liquidity Management System

It can enhance market liquidity while avoiding/reducing investment risks with various strategies

Professional liquidity quantification
professional quantification team can aggregate multiple marekt depth and capture latest market price timely
Multiple strategies
We supports multiple strategies such as market making, hedging and intelligent aggregation of market depth
Smart risk control and early warning
Thi system can timely discover potential risks, and reach out to customers through multiple channels such as SMS and emails
Event-driven response in millisecond
Automatically match transaction at the optimal price, and the smart order route can rapidly access the best execution price



Rich experience and huge professional advantage
Expand user base to access flows
Seize market share and improve platform value
Comprehensive services with 24h support
Technology advantage ensures core competitiveness

Rich experience and huge professional advantage

The core members of the ChainUP derivatives team have been working in the fintech sector for many years and independently developeed highly stable and reliable derivative trading system. The quantification team consists of members who have joined the Tiger Brokers Quantitative Products Department at the early stage, indicating outstanding professionalism and advantages in quantification.

Expand user base to access flows

Financial derivatives have potential traders from traditional futures and foreign exchange markets, which can help customers to expand user base and access more flows

Seize market share and improve platform value

The financial derivatives trading system solution can help you quickly expanding derivatives market, which can increase your platform's market capitalization, facilitate fund raising and improve platform token value, thereby increasing the platform value

Comprehensive services with 24h support

We provide 24/7 operation and support, including maintenance and monitoring of system security and performance, real-time response to any online problems, and high-end 1-to-1 customized services

Technology advantage ensures core competitiveness

ChainUP has strong technology service matrix, reliable and stable trading system and professional financial products and liquidity services to ensure the core competitiveness of the exchanges


Risk Control System

100% Full Coverage of Risk Control

We provide fully-covered risk management, triple financial reconciliation, real-time monitoring of wallet fund security, as well as generate alarms and actively intervene in severe cases. We also provide over 30 defense mechanisms, such as smart monitoring and alarm of abnormal asset flows, withdrawal blocking, DDoS Defense, and flow cleaning.

Smart Contract / Code Audit

We engage third-party institutions to issue professional audit reports, automatically scan codes for security by formal verification technology. We also provide dozens of security detection projects to check security risks, avoid hacker attacks, and guarantee the security of smart contracts.

Behavioral Situation Awareness

We conduct big data analysis on user behaviors, and perform multi-dimensional monitoring from the aspects of users, administrators, assets and servers, so as to achieve special user marking, timely detection of risks, active defense against high-risk behaviors, analysis and active interception of system attacks.

Prevention and Control of Occupational Misconducts

It enables isolation of high-level operation authorities, and multiple confirmation of high-risk operations. It also enables audit of abnormal logins, unauthorized operation attempts, high-frequency server accesses, abnormal pre-order behaviors and other behaviors for examination by the administrators.

Exchanges With Development Abilities

Product Advantages
It's recommended to privatization deployment, Free combination of futures,perpetual contract, options and ETFs trading system, Front and background system and codes are delivered and independent secondary development is supported.
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Professional Trading Teams

Product Advantages
The team provides privatization or cloud deployment, selection of contract and option product portfolio, access to reliable self-owned quantitative tools, O&M trusteeship, as well as development of customized functions.
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Start-up Teams Short of Flows

Product Advantages
It's recommended to adopt cloud deployment and connect marketing products and market-making robots in the trading system, so as to rapidly increase the users and capital of the system..
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Cross-industry Platform with Multiple Businesses

Product Advantages
The platform combines the trading system with wallet products, which is assisted by marketing tools and can access third-party services or DAPP ecology through an open platform.
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Founded in 2018, it is the world's leading digital asset trading platform, providing secure and stable spot trading, contract trading, MXC Labs, OTC and other asset exchange services.


A digital asset trading platform specialized in financial derivatives


Founded in 2018, the digital asset trading and management platform is headquartered in Singapore and currently has more than 400,000 registered users worldwide, with an average daily transaction volume of 10 million USDT. It has close cooperation with 100 communities in the market, and received investment from Chainup Capital in early 2019.


Goko Exchange is a community-governed crypto asset trading platform, which is fair, safe and reliable, and is currently the most friendly community exchange. Its core team comes from well-known Internet companies and front-line investment institutions. The members consist of investors who have been in the field of digital currency at the early stage and blockchain researchers, with rich experience of research, development and operation in the field of digital currency.


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