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Lutures trading platform -ChainUP

Futures contract

Mature-function financial futures trading system supports two-way opening a position and part margin management. It has a sound risk prevention system and can make delivery at the index price, so as to protect users’ rights and interests and assets security as much as possible. Powerful memory matching engine can ensure high-concurrence trading support, and API ordering is supported.

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Diversified product forms
Flexible and convenient backend configuration is prepared. Forever contract and fixed-term contract can be switched periodically. All margin and part margin models can be switched. Two-way opening a position and net position models can be switched. The models of positions managed by categories and orders can be switched.
Flexible user asset allocation
Contract categories are diversified, position margin can be adjusted at any time, and corresponding leverage multiple can be adjusted at any moment.
Institutionalized safeguards against price manipulation
Price marking delivery model can be selected for the platforms and contract categories with insufficient depth to make delivery at market average price. Users’ profit and loss are not affected by the sharp price fluctuations on this platform, and the maliciously “blow up” situation shall be eliminated.
Sound risk prevention system
Risk is prevented by a serious of systems, such as margin system, risk margin system, forced liquidation system, forced lowing the position system, and the deposit and withdrawal audit, so as to ensure “0” loss on the platform.

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