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Multiple contract trading types

We support bi-directional position opening contracts, customized trading varieties, delivery and perpetual contracts, and both cross margin and isolated margin mode

Two-way positions
Flexible positions to meet the special needs of customers
We support rest API and the differential push of public and private data
Multiple orders
Iceberg orders, weighted orders, trigger orders (take profit and stop loss)
One-click deployment of linear contract and invert contract
Currency-based contract, USDT contract, trio-currency contract

Contract quantification

Our professional contract quantification system automatically matches transaction at the best price and quickly obtains the best execution price to greatly improves the trading speed

Liquidity quantification
We provide stable prices and connect to a number of exchanges
Sophisticated management dashboard
One-click deployment of multiple parameters, simple and easy to use
Multiple strategies
Multiple strategies such as liquidity migration and intelligent price stabilization
Customize currency development
You can customize development for minor currencies

Financial-level multiple risk control

Financial-level real-time monitoring via institutional/system risk control to achieve “0” losses for the platform

Institutional risk control
The Fair Price is taken as the marked price to intelligently prevent price manipulation. Our ADL mode under extreme market fluctuations can reduce user's losses. We establish insurance funds to protect user's rights and interests. We provide risk limits and the system can customize the leverage, which can reduce user's risks.
System risk control
We provide anti-penetration and DDoS attack defense; financial-level real-time fund monitoring and early warning within seconds; and separation of "cold"/"hot" wallet to ensure fund security.
Real-time capital risk control
We provide timely intervention of high-risk behaviors of users and administrators. Risk control service module is independently deployed and operated, and supports single-account risk limits, monitoring of abnormal on-chain asset and offline asset, and implements "cold"/"hot" wallet separation mechanism.


Product Advantages

Sound management dashboard
High-Performance Matching Engine
Complete risk prevention system

Sound management dashboard

Sound management dashboard with functions including self-help coin loading, asset details, statement statistics, etc., which can facilitate the operation of exchanges.

High-performance matching engine

Our proprietary E-Trading System supports millisecond-level declaration matching along the chain; adopts proprietary MDB solution with a TPS of 300,000/s; and supports third-party quantitative tools for customized access.

Complete risk prevention system

A series of systems (such as margin/insurance fund/ADL systems) jointly prevent risks. Multi-dimensional risk-control and early warning within seconds are provided to protect platform funds and ensure "0" losses for the platform.

The futures contract system was launched online.
EXUP launches SaaS contract
Advanced limit price order was launched


Product List


Global leading blockchain technology provider

Product Functions
Product List
Value-added services
We provide functions of two-way positions
diversified risk control
multiple orders
linear/invert contracts
risk limits
customized commissions
handling fees
contract's multiples
We provide operation and maintenance support
technical consultation
round-the-clock online services.
customized development
customized development




What is the maximum leverage? Can customers choose a leverage lower than the maximum level?


Can I place and cancel orders through websocket, or shall I strictly follow the rules of pushing data?


How many customer accounts the system can support?


How does the ADL warning light work?


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