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Product Portfolios

Mainstream Currency Pair Liquidity

It provides the best quotations, lowest spreads and fastest hedges for mainstream currency pairs.

Self-defined Liquidity Parameters
Users can customize the number of positions, spreads, number of layers, update frequency, and so on. The near and far position mechanism reduces the pressure on the exchange OpenAPIs.
Financial-level Monitoring System
It monitors positions, capital and OpenAPI of the exchange in real time, and sends alarms in any abnormality.
Strict Risk Management
It manages positions of each currency pair separately to enable minimum granularity risk control.
Perfect Reports
It provides daily trading volume, daily profit, daily assets and other reports to meet the daily operational needs of clients.

Platform Token Liquidity

It provides active positions and continuous K-line for platform tokens.

Target Management
Users can set the target of each currency pair.
Self-Defined Liquidity Parameters
Users can define the positions, step sizes, number of layers, update frequency, etc. on their own. The near and far position mechanism reduces the pressure on the exchange OpenAPIs.
Perfect Operation Tools
Statistics of individual profit and loss, daily net trading volume, daily selling volume and daily buying volume of each currency pair, which assists customer operation
Scenarized Monitoring
It monitors positions, capital etc. of the exchange in real time, and send alarms in any abnormality.



Adopting the ChainUp Underlying Technology
First Digital Currency Liquidity Provider
Professional Financial-level Security Architecture
Comprehensive Service Support

Adopting the ChainUp Underlying Technology

Liquidity adopts the ChainUp underlying technology, embraces over 100 technical talents from BAT enterprises, and has been tested by over 500 global clients.

First Digital Currency Liquidity Provider

It is the first digital currency liquidity solution provider in China, providing depths of over 200 exchanges and the lowest transaction charging rate in the industry.

Professional Financial-level Security Architecture

It relies on ChainUp security services to ensure system security; In addition, Liquidity adopts professional investment and trading network architecture of forex, securities and futures, and a variety of exception handling mechanisms to ensure security and stability of liquidity services.

Comprehensive Service Support

Liquidity provides round-the-clock operation and maintenance support, maintains system security, monitors performance, responds to any online problems in real time, and also provides high-end customized one-to-one service.


Risk Control System

100% Full Coverage of Risk Control

We provide fully-covered risk management, triple financial reconciliation, real-time monitoring of wallet fund security, as well as generate alarms and actively intervene in severe cases. We also provide over 30 defense mechanisms, such as smart monitoring and alarm of abnormal asset flows, withdrawal blocking, DDoS Defense, and flow cleaning.

Smart Contract / Code Audit

We engage third-party institutions to issue professional audit reports, automatically scan codes for security by formal verification technology. We also provide dozens of security detection projects to check security risks, avoid hacker attacks, and guarantee the security of smart contracts.

Behavioral Situation Awareness

We conduct big data analysis on user behaviors, and perform multi-dimensional monitoring from the aspects of users, administrators, assets and servers, so as to achieve special user marking, timely detection of risks, active defense against high-risk behaviors, analysis and active interception of system attacks.

Prevention and Control of Occupational Misconducts

It enables isolation of high-level operation authorities, and multiple confirmation of high-risk operations. It also enables audit of abnormal logins, unauthorized operation attempts, high-frequency server accesses, abnormal pre-order behaviors and other behaviors for examination by the administrators.

Liquidity System Solutions

Product Advantages
It solves the problems of insufficient liquidity and poor position depth of small and medium-sized exchanges.
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Liquidity & Technology Provider

Product Advantages
It provides the best quotation and depth, as well as faster hedge trading experiences.
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Institutional Investor

Product Advantages
It reduces transaction costs and achieves more profits for users.
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• Cryptofon platform realized making profits within one month after launching and received strategic investments from Node Capital and ChainUp Capital • Cryptofon has nearly 1 million registered users, with an average daily active user of nearly 100k, and average daily trading users of 10k. The transaction volume has exceeded $500 million, and the depth of high-quality assets is the best in the entire industry. • Ranked top 100 in Feixiaohao's Global Comprehensive Blockchain Enterprise List


MLB is a public blockchain ecosystem based on a multi-chain architecture and is committed to becoming a commercial public chain that supports a large number of applications. It provide enterprises with easy-to-use, flexible and efficient universal basic technologies to jointly promote the implementation of blockchain application scenarios.


Bitxmi is an exchange based in Singapore but operated for the entire world.  The team has extraordinary operational strength, and constantly expand business boundaries. Especially in Southeast Asia, it has considerable influence.

Genesis Ecology

Genesis Ecology is a public chain DAPP ecosystem jointly developed and promoted by global blockchain enthusiasts.


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