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Multiple Trading Types

We provide solutions for spot/contract/option/ETF liquidity

Spot liquidity
We provide the best quotes, lowest spreads and fastest hedging for mainstream currency pairs; provide active positions and continuous K-line for platform tokens; and calculate any two-currency pairs based on the liquidity of multiple currency pairs.
Contract liquidity
We provide professional products and services including liquidity quantification, multiple liquidity strategies and smart risk control&early warning, which can achieve event-driven millisecond response.
Option liquidity
Our professional hedging strategies enable exchanges to flexibly manage the positions
ETF liquidity
We provide private ETF liquidity solutions and customized trading rates; investors can seek a balance between revenues and costs through Fair Price

Liquidity mechanism

Applicable for multi-scene liquidity mechanism

Customize spreads
Increase profits of exchange
Customize quantity
Customize the number of positions based on the actual situation to reduce risk
Near and distant position mechanism
Real-time updates for near positions and conditional updates for distant positions to reduce pressure on exchanges
Customize update frequency
Reduce the risks of market fluctuations

Operational tools

Various operating tools to help exchanges' risk control

Position management
C-Book and D-Book are used for different scenarios. Customers can use them for hedging.
Monitor-based management
Real-time monitoring of handicap, funds and APIs, etc.; send alarms in case of any abnormality.
Target management
Targets take effect in real time, customers can also change currency pair targets in real time
Risk control management
Separate risk control for each currency pair, and clear glance of cumulative & daily profit and loss
Manual trading
Reduce managers' frequency of logging in exchange accounts for trading

Specialized connection method

Connection solutions tailored for different systems

ChainUp system
Open for operation within one working day
Third-party system
Multiple ways to connect OpenAPI, reduce development work of exchanges


Product Advantages

Low cost and high performance
Pioneer in digital currency liquidity
Financial-level security mechanism
Experienced and professional
Trusted service

Low cost and high performance

We open trading of 200+ mainstream and popular currency pairs with connection to 100+ public chains; provide tiered trading rates; reduce development work and capital management/use costs for customers.

Pioneer in digital currency liquidity

China's first digital currency liquidity solution provider, providing connection to 300 exchanges and lowest trading fee across the industry

Financial-level security mechanism

We rely on ChainUp security services to ensure system security. Our professional network architecture for investment and trading of forex, securities and futures and abnormality handling mechanisms can ensure security and stability of liquidity services.

Experienced and professional

Our liquidity team consists of professionals with rich experience in traditional financial industries such as foreign exchange, securities and futures

Trusted service

We provide 24/7 operation and maintenance support, including maintenance and monitoring of system security and performance, real-time response to any online problems, and high-end 1-to-1 customized services

ChainUp launches liquidity brand
ETF liquidity solution for private system is rolled out
Liquidity system connects with off-chain-system exchanges
Platform token liquidity solution is rolled out


Product List


Global leading blockchain technology provider

Product Functions
Client Services
Marketing Supports
We provide the functions of adjusting price and quantity
positioning frequency
placing order based on dynamic position data
customizing position update frequency
using near and distant position mechanism
timely hedging
managing risks and orders
monitoring system
managing reports
manually trading
and managing fund and target
round-the-clock online services
7*24 operation and maintenance services
free customer training
strong technical support
high-performance matching engine
stable and secure services
We actively provide liquidity services
customized development
access to third-party systems
and 1-to-1 custom services




What is the liquidity of digital assets?


What are the benefits of liquidity for the exchanges?


Is liquidity supply system stable and secure?


What if I don't know how to use the liquidity system?


Which hedging platforms are supported?


How about the risk control?


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